Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – Tiger Safari details & information

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Sprawling across an area of 148.63 sq. km the ‘Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary’ is the ideal weekend getaway for Tigers & Wildlife lovers. This boulevard of natural beauty and undisturbed wildlife is tucked away in the hills of Pandharkawada town in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is no less than a ‘Green Oasis’ of Maharashtra. It lies in the southernmost part of the state adjoining the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. It is of immense value from ecological and environmental aspects.

Owing to this, the state pays special attention to its management and preservation. The management practices and prey base maintenance of the sanctuary have received much adulation and praise in recent times.

Given the hilly terrain of the place, the vegetation cover varies greatly according to the altitude. The sanctuary area lies in midst of a number of villages. These villagers depend upon the forest produce like timber, firewood, etc. for their livelihood needs. Moderate human activity is allowed inside the territory.

The sanctuary gets its name from the local ‘Goddess Tipai’ standing near the Tipeshwar village within the sanctuary area.

Floral and Fauna – Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Floral Diversity

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a compact patch of dense forest cover. The major forest type here is the ‘Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests’. Teak forms up to 60 percent of the forest composition here. You can also find Achar, Mahua, Lendia, Bhirra Tiwas, and several other types.

There is also a wide variety of herbs and grasses growing on the Tipeshwar horizon. These include Kunda, Kadmod, Guhar, Wide, Gokru, etc. Over 250 species of Bamboo serve to make the sanctuary a repository of economical, medicinal, aromatic, and ornamental plant varieties. Bamboo trees undergrow in the Teak dominated areas as large patches of Bamboo groves.

Fauna Diversity

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many wildlife species including several endangered and endemic ones. It has 29 mammal species belonging to 6 orders and 11 families. This is inclusive of Royal Bengal Tigers, Panthers, Sloth Bears, Pangolins, Four Horned Antelopes, and others.

The avifauna diversity of the place is its major attraction. You can spot here more than 180 bird species belonging to 46 families of 16 different orders. The count is inclusive of 10 migratory bird species that arrive here every year and 9 endangered species that need special protection for their continued existence.

The Sanctuary is also home to 26 reptile varieties. 6 of them are endangered and putting up the fight for their survival. Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is proving of immense help for the protection and preservation of all these endangered species. You will find here Indian Cobra, Indian Rock Python, Russel’s Viper, and Checkered keelback.

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Tiger Safari

There are two safari gates in Tipeshwar, from where Tiger safari begins.

  • Sunna Gate – 7 km from Pandharkawada
  • Mathani Gate – 23 km from Pandharkawada

A total of only 24 Tiger Safari are allowed daily. 12 from Sunna Gate (6 Morning, 6 Evening), 12 from Mathani Gate (6 Morning, 6 Evening).

Tipeshwar safari remains closed every Monday

Tipeshwar safari timings

Season / MonthsMorning
1 Oct – 30 Nov06:0010:0014:3018:30
1 Dec – 28 Feb06:3011:0014:0017:30
1 Mar – 30 Apr06:0010:3014:0018:00
1 May – 30 June05:3010:0015:0019:00

Tipeshwar Safari Online Booking & charges

Official Tipeshwar online booking can be done via the Maha Eco-Tourism website. However, there are many other resorts that offer to book the Tiger Safari.

Safari charges details are as follows

Details of chargesCharges
Park Entry Fee per vehicle (weekday) INR 100
Park Entry Fee per vehicle (weekend)INR 110
Entry fee per person (weekday)INR 100
Entry fee per person (weekday) INR 155
Guide ChargesINR 300
Online safari booking charges INR 100

October to February is the best time to visit Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. April to June are relatively hotter and it gets tough to stay in the scorching sunlight for a long duration.

Best time to visit Tipeshwar

July to 30 September, the park is closed due to the monsoon.

How to reach Tipeshwar

By Air: Nagpur is the nearest airport. It is 170 KMs away from the Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary.

By Rail: Amravati and Badnera are in the closest proximity to the sanctuary. Both are about 165 km away. You can easily get a road transport from the station to take you to the wildlife haven.

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