Tiger Census 2022 Report – Tiger Population in 2022

Tiger Census 2022 Result – Tiger Status 2022

On the completion of 50 years of Project Tiger, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi released a survey of the Tiger population in India. As per the tiger census 2022 the population of Bengal Tigers in India is 3,682, as compared to 2967 from the previous census in the year 2018. There is a wooping 24% rise in the population of Tigers as compared to the last Tiger Census

Continue reading this article for the detailed analysis of Tiger Census 2022 and the Status of Tigers in India.

Three top Tiger States of India (by Tiger population)

Following the result of Tiger Census 2022, Madhya Pradesh has retained the status of the Tiger state of India with 785 Tigers whereas Karnataka holds the second position with 563 Royal Bengal Tiger population and Uttrakhand is third with 560 Tigers in the wild.


State Name Number of Tigers
Madhya Pradesh 785 Tigers
Karnataka 563 Tigers
Uttarakhand 560 Tigers

Information on Tiger landscapes in India

India is home to more than half of the world’s wild tiger population, and these majestic animals can be found in five main tiger landscapes

  • Shivalik Gangetic Plains
  • Central India and the Eastern Ghats
  • Western Ghats
  • North Eastern Hills and Brahmaputra Flood Plains
  • Sunderbans
  • There are a maximum of 3925 tigers in the country (at least 3,167 Tigers), a senior official at NTCA said.

All of these 5 Tiger Landscapes were analyzed separately to get the most accurate tiger population spread across India and various techniques were used to achieve the results.

Facts & Figures: The Tiger Census 2022

  1. Forest rangers have done a survey of more than 6,41,000 km on Foot
  2. There were 32,5888 Camara Trap that was deployed in multiple locations
  3. Approximately 4.7 Cr wildlife photographs were captured by these camera traps.
  4. 97,399 Number of Tiger photographed
  5. 3,080 Individual Tigers camera trapped
  6. The total population of Tiger is 3,682 estimated during the 2022 Tiger Counting.
  7. There are a maximum of 3925 tigers in the country (at least 3,167 Tigers & on an average 3,682 Tigers), a senior official at NTCA said.

Comparison of Tiger Census 2018 vs Tiger Census 2022


# Census 2018 Census 2022
Tiger Population 2,967 3,682
Tiger Photographed 2461 3080
Total Cameras 26,838 32,588
Total Man Days 5,93,822 6,41,102
Total Survey KMs on Foot 5,22,996 6,41,449
Total no. of Photographs 3,48,58,623 4,70,81,881

Infographics – Tiger Census 2022

Tiger Census 2022 Report

Tiger Population in India – 2022

According to the 5th Tiger Census in 2022, India is now home to 3,682 Tigers (a minimum 3,167 Tigers), (Ranging from 3,167 – 3,925 Tigers). It was more than double from the Tiger Census in 2006 (1,411 Tigers), which was the first tiger counting survey of India. There are 5 Tiger Landscapes in India, 53 Tiger Reserves and 16 states in India with Tigers present in the wild.

Tiger Landscape – Tiger Population in India

Tiger Landscape wise minimum Tiger Population in India (Comparision chart)

Landscape 2006 Census 2010 Census 2014 Census 2018 Census 2022 Census
Shivalik Gangetic 297 353 485 646 804
Central India and the Eastern Ghats 601 601 688 1,033 1161
Western Ghats 402 534 776 981 824
North East Hills & Bramhaputra Plains 100 148 201 219 194
Sunderbans NA 70 76 88 184
Tiger Population in India 1,411 1,706 2,226 2,967 3,167

Tiger Landscape wise Tiger Population in India

Statewise Tiger Population

Statewise Tiger Population in India (Comparision chart)

State 2006 2010 2014 2018 2022
Bihar 10 8 28 31 54
Uttarakhand 178 227 340 442 560
Uttar Pradesh 109 118 117 173 205
Andhra Pradesh 95 72 68 48 63
Telangana 26 21
Chhattisgarh 26 26 46 19 17
JJharkhand 10 3* 5 1*
Madhya Pradesh 300 257 308 526 785
Maharashtra 103 168 190 312 444
Odisha 45 32 28 28 20
Rajasthan 32 36 45 69 88
Goa 5* 3 5
Karnataka 290 300 406 524 563
Kerala 46 71 136 190 213
Tamil Nadu 76 163 229 264 306
Arunachal Pradesh 14 28* 28* 29* 9
Assam 70 143 167 190 227
Mizoram 6 5 3* 0 0
Nagaland 0 0
West Bengal
10 3* 0 2
Sundarbans 70 76 88 101
Total 1,706 (1,507 – 1,896) 1,411 (1,165 – 1,657) 1,226 (1,945 – 2,491) 2,967 (2,603 – 3,346) 3,682 (3,167 – 3,925)


States with maximum Tiger Populations

State Tiger Population
Madhya Pradesh 785
Karnataka 563
Uttarakhand 560
Maharashtra 444
Tamil Nadu 306

States with Maximum Tiger Population Growth

States with maximum Tiger Population Growth or Increase in 2022 (since 2006)

Tiger Reserve with Maximum Tiger Population


Tiger Reserve Tiger Population
Jim Corbett 260
Bandipur 150
Nagarhole 141
Bandhavgarh 135
Dudhwa 135
Kanha 105

Tiger Population Trend in India

States with maximum Tiger Population Growth or Increase in 2022 (since 2006)


Census Year
Tiger Population
2006 1411 (1165 – 1657 Tigers)
2010 1706 (1507 – 1896 Tigers)
2014 2226 (1845 – 2491 Tigers)
2018 2967 (2603 – 3346 Tigers)
2022 3682 (3167 – 3925 Tigers)

Facts & Figures: The Tiger Census 2022

  1. Total Population of Royal Bengal Tiger in India is 3,682 Tigers
  2. There are 5 States (M.P., Karnataka, Uttrakhand, Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu) with more than 300 Tigers
  3. There are 8 States with more than 200 Tigers (Including the above 5 states).
  4. There is a 24% increase in the tiger population in Tiger Census 2022, since the last Census in 2018.
  5. Madhya Pradesh has retained the rank of Tiger State of India.
  6. Buxa, Dampa and Palamau Tiger Reserves do not have a single Tigers now.
  7. No Tigers were found in Nagaland and Mizoram state.
  8. Eighteen tiger reserves have less than 10 big cats left.
  9. 35 per cent of the 53 tiger reserves in India urgently require enhanced protection measures.
  10. Six tiger reserves in the country — Kali, Melghat, Pilibhit, Tadoba Andhari, Navegaon and Periyar — were given CAT awards.
  11. Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand have recorded a dip in the number of majestic cats
  12. Five Tiger Reserves in India recorded 0 Tigers ( Dampa in Mizoram, Kamlanf in AP, Kawal in Telangana, Satkosia in Odisha, Sahyadri in Maharashtra)

Tiger reserves with less than 10 Tiger population

Eighteen tiger reserves have less than 10 big cats left.


Tiger Reserve
Ranipur Uttar Pradesh
Achanakmar, Indravati and Udanti Sitanadi Chhattisgarh
Palamau Jharkhand
Bor and Sahyadri Maharashtra
Satkosia Odisha
Mukundara and Ramgarh Vishdhari Rajasthan
Kawal Telangana
Kalakad Mundanthurai Tamil Nadu
Nameri Assam
Dampa Mizoram
Pakke, Kamlang and Namdapha Arunachal Pradesh
Buxa West Bengal

Tiger Census 2022, Everything about the tiger population in India

Every 4 years the National Tiger Conservation Authority conducts a tiger census across India to figure out the Royal Bengal Tiger population in India. The year 2022 was the 5th Tiger Census in India, and NTCA has estimated 3,682 Tigers in India.

How do they do Tiger Census?

How do they do Tiger Census? or How to Count Tigers in the Forest?

So far the tiger census was conducted using the doubling sample technique in which the first phase includes sending the forest official, guards and forest rangers to collect raw data based on pugmarks, scat, and leftover pray.

While the 2nd phase includes the data and images from camera traps. Once both the data is in place, the data is then used to identify tigers individually

Use of technology and digital techniques in Tiger Census

With the new Digital Tiger census technique the doubling sample technique will remain the same. Along with it, an Android application is been introduced to make the tier count more accurate.

It will be the first time since 2006, The forest officials are making use of so much technology. Back in 2006 During the first census, there were only 1411  tigers counted adding another 295 to make the count to 1706 Tigers in 2010 and 2226 Tigers in 2014.

However, there was 560 Tiger death have been reported between 2012 & 2017 Out of which 308 were a natural death, 123  were the poaching cases, 90 were the case of seizures, And 39 death was the part of road and train mishaps.

2018 tiger census in India is also more important because we will be having a most accurate count of tigers in the wild as this will be the first time Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal are the part of India’s Tiger census to jointly estimate the number of big cats In the region of shared borders areas.

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