Night Jungle Safari

Night Jungle Safaris

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The jungle at night appears different than the day. It is filled with shiny stars and glistening moonlight under which the nocturnal show their wildness. A Night Jungle Safari through the dense forest under the darkness gives a spine-chilling experience. It is also during this time, the chances of witnessing a predator are substantially higher than the broad daylight.

So get your cameras ready to capture the wonderful pictures of nocturnal animals that rule the night. See the swing of Indian Scops Owl or get mesmerized by the lights of the Firefly at night. Listen to the call of Nightjar in the tranquility of the night. Be amazed as Honey Badger, Indian Pangolins, Porcupines, Civets, and other animals display their natural talents in the wilderness of night. Get thrilled by seeing the hunting skills of the Indian Wolf, Leopard, Caracal, and of course the Bengal Tiger! 

Considering this one-of-its-kind different thrilling experience we have designed some exciting Night Jungle Safaris which you cannot resist.

These night safaris usually last for three hours between 7 pm to 10 p.m. when the forest is fully under the cover of the night sky.  It is generally done in the buffer zone of the jungle.

India has been blessed with various National Parks and Tiger Reserves, each possessing a unique wilderness and natural beauty. So, whichever national park or reserve you choose, we are bound to give you enormous joy and excitement from our specially designed unforgettable night jungle safaris.

So, are you ready to explore the night wildlife in jungles? Book Your Night Jungle Safari Now!

Pench National Park

Starting from INR 20,500 / USD 449 per person


Starting from INR 20,500 / USD 449 per person

Kanha National Park

Starting from INR 20,500 / USD 449 per person