Pench Tiger Reserve & National Park – Maharashtra & MP

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve

Named after the pristine Pench River, Pench Tiger Reserve is located in Chhindwara and Seoni districts of Madhya Pradesh which border on the state of Maharashtra.

The Pench river flows right through the middle of the park. It descends from north to south, thereby dividing the reserve into equal eastern and western parts. The place is more popularly known as Pench National Park since the identity of a tiger reserve was granted to it later in the year 1992.

Pench Tiger Reserve is the joint pride of both Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Its unique location makes it accessible from both states, as entry gates open into each of the two states. Over the years, it has gathered much fame for rafting. It was also bestowed with the ‘Best Management Award’ in 2011.

Pench Tiger Reserve - Collerwali Tigres
Pench Tiger Reserve


Pench National Park was created as a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. Soon after in 1983, its status was elevated to that of a National Park. The year 1992 brought to Pench the official identity of a Tiger Reserve.

The Pench Tiger Reserve covers a total area of 758 sq. km. Out of this, 292.85 sq. km of Pench National Park for the core zone of the reserve. A buffer zone comprising of Reserve Forests, revenue lands and Protected Forests sprawl in 346.73 sq. km.

The Mowgli Pench Wildlife Sanctuary that spreads over 118.30 sq. km is also a part of the Pench Tiger Reserve.

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve
Jackal looking at his prey at Pench National Park

Pench has had a remarkable representation in narrative art. One of the medieval proto-types of a constitution, the Ain-i-Akbari, weaves a detailed description of the magnificent gift of nature that Pench has. The document was written in 16th century by Abul-Fazl ibn Mubarak. It draws upon details of Akbar’s empire and his style of administration.

Pench is part of the natural bounty that inspired Rudyard Kipling to compose his magnum opus ‘The Jungle Book’. The three-part documentary titled ‘Spy in the Jungle’ from BBC was filmed in Pench.

This was a tiger special series that followed the growing days of four Pench tigers. The BBC crew used concealed cameras, planted by trained elephants, to capture intimate tiger behaviour.

Flora and Fauna

Spotted Deer, Pench
Spotted Deer – Pench National Park

Pench tiger reserve functions as a protective home not only for the big striped cats but a large variety of other species. Undoubtedly the most dominant predatory variety is of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Leopards, hyenas, jungle cats are some other animals of predatory instincts. Their prey base in the park includes chital, langur, wild boar, sambhar, gaur etc.

Mammals: 39 mammal species dwell in the park. These include – sloth bear, jackal, nilgai, wild dog, porcupine, four-horned antelope and others.

Reptiles: 13 varieties of reptiles and 3 different amphibian species live in and around the aquatic ecosystem.

Birds: As per an estimate of wildlife authorities, avifauna diversity stands at a remarkable 210 varieties including the migratory citizens of Pench sky. This comprises of peafowl, magpie robin, pintail, drongo, unia, myna etc.

Flora: The green cover is thickly spread throughout the reserve. A mixture of Southern dry broadleaf teak forests and tropical mixed deciduous forests is present. Shrubs, climbers and trees are also frequently present. Some of them are unique varieties and possess medicinal as well as healing properties. Bamboo plantations are also present nearby the water banks.

Safari Details Pench National Park

Tiger Reserve - Pench
Tigress drinking water at Pench Tiger Reserve

Jungle safari is hands-down the best way to explore the nook and corners of any protected area. Pench tiger reserve is no exception. The safari services available here are one of the best in the country and give you a worthwhile experience.

The entry and exit timings vary according to the season. The park remains shut for visitors during the rainy season that usually falls between July-October.

Bird excursions and walking safaris are also available options. Consider your stamina well before embarking on a walking safari since it would be a 12 km long but adventurous journey.

Safari gates in Pench

Pench Tiger Safari
Tiger Safari at Pench, img credits

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve is easily accessible from National Highway 7. There are a total of 11 gates out of which 5 gates are in Madhya Pradesh and 6 gates are in Maharashtra. Turia gate, Sillari gate and Karmajhiri are major entry gates of Pench Tiger Reserve.

As per many visitors, Turia gate and Sillari gate are the best safari gates to spot a Tiger in Pench Tiger Reserve.

For Turia gate safari booking, you have to visit MP Forest Department website, whereas for Sillari gate online safari booking you have to visit Maharashtra Forest Department website.

Online safari booking details – Pench Tiger Reserve

As Pench National Park lies in both Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Both the state government websites offer online Pench Safari Booking form the gates which are present in the respective state.

You can book Pench Safari online for the gates available in Maharashtra from the mahaecotourism website.

Whereas for gates available in Madhya Pradesh you may visit mp tourism website for online Pench national park safari booking

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve Safari Timing Madhya Pradesh

Season / MonthsMorning
October06:00 Hrs11:00 Hrs15:00 Hrs18:00 Hrs
November06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
December06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
January06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
February06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
March06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
April 06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
May06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 18:00 Hrs
June06:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs18:00 Hrs

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve Safari Timing Maharashtra

Season / MonthsMorning
July – Nov06:00 – 08:0010:3014:30 – 13:0018:30
Dec – Feb06:30 – 08:3011:0014:30 – 16:0018:00
Mar – Apr06:00 – 08:0010:3014:30 – 16:3018:30
May – June05:30 – 07:3010:0014:30 – 17:0019:00

Nearby attraction Pench National Park

On your excursion in the Pench Tiger Reserve, keep an eye out for these popular locations:

  •         Sitaghat
  •         Alikatta
  •         Chhindimatta Road
  •         Bodhanala Range
  •         Kalapahad

These sites are a visual treat and dreamy locations for wildlife photographers. Sloping hills, clear transparent water flowing across rocks, bamboo forests standing close to a pond, beautiful flowering plants amidst lush greenery and herds of wild animals in their live action. You cannot be anything but captivated and charmed by the beauty of them.

Wildlife at Pench Tiger Reserve
Pench Tiger Reserve – Jackal with a Kill

How to reach Pench National Park

By Air: Nagpur airport is the nearest landmark for air travel. It is 88 km away from the park. You can also land at Jabalpur airport which stands around 200 km away.

By Rail: The nearest railhead is Nagpur. This is a major railway station and so, connected to all main cities through the country’s wide-reaching railway network.

By Road: You can easily reach Pench Tiger Reserve from Nagpur by driving along the National Highway 7. It manoeuvres through Seoni.

Pench Sillari gate to Nagpur is just 60 km by Road, and Turai gate to Nagpur is 101 km by road.

Pench’s distance from other National Parks & Tiger destinations of central India

Pench National Park FAQs

Where is Pench National Park situated?

Pench National Park is situated in the Chhindwara & Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh.

How many safari gates are there in Pench?

There are 11 Safari Gates in Pench National Park. 5 of them are in Madhya Pradesh and 6 of them are in Maharashtra.

How far is Turia safari gate from Nagpur airport?

Turia gate is approximately 120 Km from Nagpur airport. It will take around 2 hours to cover this distance by a car or cab.

How far is Sillari safari gate from Nagpur airport?

Sillari gate is approximately 94 Km from Nagpur airport, it will take around 90-100 minutes to cover this distance by car.

How much a Tiger Safari costs in Pench National Park

For 6 person open Gypsy Tiger Safari, It will cost around Rs 4000/- in Pench National Park. including the guide and park entry fee.

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