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Big Cats India specializes in Big CatsTiger Safari across the prime Tiger Reserves and National Parks of India like Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Tadoba, Pench, Corbett & Ranthambore.

We are specialists in creating the best priced customized Tiger Safaris Tours for you, be it a group trip with friends, couples trip, solo traveling, or traveling with your family.”

We are the “Tiger Safari Experts of India”

Tiger Safari in India

We have crafted specialized safari tours for Tiger, Black Panther, & Wildlife specifically based on our guests’ interests and recommendations.

Our Tiger Safari Tours are for Big Cats Lovers from across the globe and these tours are the most popular tours of all.

Melanistic Leopard or Black Panther Tour targets tracking the Black Panther for our guests.

And the Wildlife Safari Tours are for wildlife and nature lovers across the globe concentrates on the beauty of jungle and wildlife in India

Big Cats of India

Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Indian Leopard, Melanistic Leopard (Black Panther), Snow Leopard, Clouded leopard, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat and more. India is home to 15 species of big wild cats.

Best Tiger Safari Packages in India

We have crafted some of the most amazing Tiger Safari Packages for our guests, who are visiting India just to get a glimpse of the Majestic Big Cats.

These Tiger Safari Packages are created in a way to cover most of the premium tiger zones and tiger territories to make your wildlife holiday in India, a memorable one. Most of these Tiger Safari Packages can be modified as per your needs.

Top Tiger Safari Parks in India

With more than 100 National Parks, 53 Tiger Reserves, and 600+ Wildlife sanctuaries, India is no doubt one of the most prominent countries when it comes to big cats and tiger safaris.

If you wanna see the Royal Bengal Tiger roaming freely into the wild, you must visit India. India hosts more than 70% of the total remaining tigers in the world. Explore our Tiger Safari Packages in some of the most prominent Tiger Safari Parks in India.

Top National Parks

of India

India has over 100 national parks, 105 to be specific. With its most biodiverse ecosystem, India is a hot spot for wildlife and nature lovers across the globe. These 105 Parks are home to more than 91000 species of animals, Royal Bengal Tiger being one of the apex predators and among the biggest big cat in India.

The first national park was established in India in 1936. It was the Hailey National Park in Uttarakhand, Known as the Jim Corbett National Park. Since then India has notified 105 National Parks. Some of India’s most amazing national parks to get a glimpse of the majestic big cats are Bandhavgarh, Pench, Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, Kanha, and Gir National Park.

India is home to some of the driest and some of the greenest forests, It has dry deciduous landscapes in Ranthambore, whereas the Corbett has some of the fantastic landscapes in the foothill of the Himalayas, and Kanha remains the evergreen sal forest in the heart of India. Most of these forests in India are perfect for a wildlife leisure holiday with fantastic wildlife sightings.

Lion Tailed Macaque Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Anamalai Tiger Reserve – Tamil Nadu

Anamalai Tiger Reserve – Information The Anamalai Tiger Reserve, located in western ghats, is a pristine place created for conservation of striped big cats. The reserve spreads over two distr...
Buffalo at Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve

Kaziranga National Park is located in the North – Eastern state of Assam. It is testimony to India’s conviction and sincere efforts in saving endangered species. The one-horned rhinoceros, which is...
Dudhwa National Park and Tiger Reserve

Dudhwa National Park – A Myriad Beauty

India is a country of lush forests and varied wildlife. With a vivid variety of flora and fauna, the country is home to numerous National parks and sanctuaries. India has many gems that are home to...

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Wildlife Safari in the Indian Jungle | Tiger Safari India

Wildlife Safari in the Indian Jungle | Tiger Safari India

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