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India is a land of forests and a variety of wildlife species are living in the Indian jungle, Indian jungles are also home to some of the most endangered wildlife species. This makes India a perfect destination for jungle safari, tiger safari, or wildlife safari.

The most famous and most loved wildlife safari in India is the Tiger Safari. There are many National Parks, Tiger Reserves, and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India which offer jungle safaris to view the rare and endangered wildlife species and flora. We will see them in detail in this article.

The tigers lurking behind trees waiting and watching for the perfect prey, a herd of the Indian deer, crocodiles swimming quietly in the marshy rivers, lush green trees reaching the sky, and flocks of birds from every species and kind. These are all the things that attract a nature and wildlife lover to the Indian jungle for the Jungle Safari. These Wildlife Safaris in India are filled with exotic wildlife, reptiles, birds, and plants and are truly worth the visit.

What is a wildlife safari?

Earlier wildlife safari was going into the jungle and hunting wild animals. Fortunately, now due to the rules on animal safety and prevention of animals poaching, wildlife safari now means traveling through the jungle in a jeep or on foot to experience the rich flora and fauna of the jungle.

People craving for adventure in their lives have adopted this new form of activity, which includes trekking and camping in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Animal lovers get to see majestic and rare animals in their habitat which increases love and a sense of awareness for their beautiful creatures.

Wildlife Safaris has turned into a huge holiday destination and these allow people to experience wildlife and raise awareness against hunting and poaching.

Types of wildlife safari in India

A variety of wildlife safaris are available in India. The most famous and most loved type of wildlife safari in India is Tiger Safari. Along with Tiger Safari, the other type of safaris available in India is Elephant Safari, Open Jeep Jungle Safari, Canter Safari, and Minibus Safari.

Tiger safari in India

Tiger Safari is one of the most popular types of safari in India, mainly because of the abundance of the Royal Bengal Tiger. India has a decent population of Royal Bengal Tiger and there are 50 Tiger Reserves in India which makes Tiger Safari one of the favorite safaris for wildlife lovers.

Tiger safaris are very popular across India and provide people with an experience of a lifetime. It is a very magical moment to see this grand feline in its natural habitat roaming freely, it is an experience that you will never forget.

However, it is extremely hard to find tigers, While going on a Tiger Safari, it is very essential to keep an open mind and not be disappointed, if you are unable to see this wild big cat, It is purely a matter of luck to see a Bengal Tiger.

Open Jeep Safari in India

Most of the safaris in India are done in Open Jeep. This is the best way to experience the beauty of the jungle. With an open jeep, you are directly in contact with nature and all the wildlife in the jungle.

The views of the forest are mesmerizing and perfect for photography, Most of the national parks and tiger reserves in India offer Open Jeep Safari to explore the beauty of the forest.

Open Jeep Safari is more expensive than Canters or Minibus Safari but it is more of a private type of safari where you can wait as per your wish to see and photograph the wildlife. Also, as the vehicle is an open roof, you will feel more close to nature during the safari.

The best time to enjoy Open Jeep Safari is from November to March as the climate is not very hot during these months. However, you can avail Open Jeep Safari till the end of June as most of the parks remain open till June in India.

The most famous open jeep safari in India are Jim Corbett Safari, Ranthambore Tiger Safari, Pench Tiger Safari, and Tadoba Tiger Safari.

Canter Safari

Canter Safari is one of the economical safari options if you are a large group or family, or even if you are doing a safari individually. A canter is a huge vehicle that can accommodate around 16-18 passengers. It is cheaper than an open jeep safari, but not as personal or private. Spotting wildlife could be difficult due to the disturbance of the people.

Canter safari is not available in all of the parks & reserves but most of the famous Parks like Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, and Tadoba National Park offer the economical Canter safari options for the wildlife lovers.

Elephant Safari in India

If you are looking for adventure and want to try something new and out of your comfort zone, then riding on the back of an elephant into the deepest parts of the jungle is just what you need. Riding on the back of an elephant is also very safe against attacks from wildlife and it’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity. The best parks for elephant safari are Corbett, Kaziranga, Sundarbans, and Kanha national park

Minibus or Bus Safari

If you have more people in your family and want to go together then this is the best option. Usually, more than one jeep is not available due to various reasons. A bus is more heightened than a jeep and hence you will be able to see further into a jungle and also feel safer in case of a tiger encounter. Almost all the national parks offer bus safari.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

The hot air balloon tour is the latest addition to the mode of safari in India. It is a unique kind of safari that will give you an amazing experience to spot the wildlife from an aerial view. It also provides a bird’s-eye perspective of the restricted buffer and core zones.

However, the hot air balloon safari is currently only offered in the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. It can carry up to nine passengers per voyage and is outfitted with all necessary safety equipment.

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By Krunal Patel

Updated: April 30, 2020

Krunal Patel is a nature and wildlife lover. With his blog post, he wanted to make people aware of how the wildlife is maintaining an ecological balance in the ecosystem and how important it is to conserve, protect and love the wildlife

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