Top 6 wildlife sanctuaries to spot a Black Panther in India

Along with Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lions and Leopards, There is one more member of Big Cats Family who is very famous among wildlife lovers and photographers in India, “Black Panther”.

Black Panther is also known as Melanistic Leopard or “The Ghost of the Forest”, They generally prefer dense forest to stay and have very good eyesight.

Spotting Black Panther in the wild is one of the top things to do for wildlife lovers and photographers.

Black Panther is one of the rarest to sight Big Cat in India and in the whole world.

Even though it is difficult to sight a Black Panther, You may spot Black Panther in India in a few wildlife sanctuaries.

Some interesting quick facts about Black Panther

  • Scientific Name: Panthera Pardus
  • Family: Felidae family
  • Weigh between: 50 – 90 kg
  • Length: 7 – 8 feet
  • Speed: 58-60 km/hr

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India to Spot a Black Panther

Though India does not have a very healthy population of Black Panther, but you may be able to spot a black panther in one of the below mention wildlife sanctuary if you are lucky enough.

  1. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
  5. Manas National Park
  6. Nagarhole National Park

There are few more sanctuaries in India where Black Panthers can be seen, They are Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, and Nagarhole National Park.

1. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary – Karnataka

Black Panther in Kabini
Black Panthar, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary
Img Credit@Sharath

Kabini wildlife sanctuary is one of the most famous and best places to spot a Black Panther in Karnataka and in India. Kabini’s dense bush makes it the favourite place for Black Panther to reside.

2. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Along with birds, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for the rarest Black Panther in Karnataka. Also, Dandeli is the only Tiger Reserve where Black Panther has been seen frequently, which makes it one of the favourite place for Black Panther lovers.

Black Panther Image
Img Credit@Bharath and Shreyas

3. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is yet another home for this Black Big Cat in Karnataka. Along with Black Panther, Bhadra WLS is also home to Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Gaur, Sambar, Chital and Wild boar.

4. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Black Panther – Tadoba, img source

Tadoba is one of the most visited and favourite Tiger Reserve among the Big Cats lovers. That’s because of the presence of a lot of Big Cats and other rare animals. One more reason that makes this reserve more important and lovable is the presence of Melanistic Leopard.

5. Manas National Park

Located in the foothill of the Great Himalaya, Manas National Park is another beautiful national park of India to spot a Black Panther. Manas National Park is also a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site of India, a Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve which makes Manas a haven for Wildlife Lovers and nature lovers.

6. Nagarhole National Park

Black Panther Animal
Black Panther in Karnataka

Nagarhole is yet another National Park, and a Tiger Reserve of Karnataka and also home to rare Black Panthers. It is one of the favourite destinations of wildlife lovers for spotting a Black Panther in India. Nagarhole is also a part of Nilgiri Biosphere and a prime national park of Karnataka.

General FAQs Black Panther

Are Black Panther and Leopard same?

Yes, Black Panther and Leopard are the same species. Black Panther is just the melanistic leopard.

What is Melanism in Leopards / Black Panthers?

Melanism is a development of Dark Color pigmentation on the screen and because of which Leopard turns completely black and those melanistic leopards are known as Black Panthers.

How many Black Panthers or Black Leopards are there in India?

There is no official figure for the number of Black Panthers in India, But a good population of Black Panther can be spotted in South India.

Where can I see a Black Panther in India?

In India, Black Panther or Black Leopard can be spotted in only a few wildlife destinations. Kabini, Nagarhole, Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Tadoba are some of the top places to spot a Black Panther.

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