What to pack for Tiger Safari?

What to Pack for a Tiger Safari in India

A Tiger Safari in India is a sure shot adventure trip. Your memories here will be a unique blend of breathtaking nature and rich culture. However, careful preparation and packing is a must. Without the right stuff at hand at the right time, it’s highly likely that you will get overwhelmed by inconveniences. 

Listed below for your perusal is a list of must-carry items for your tour. Consider each item carefully and include all that suits your needs. 

  • Luggage – The weight and bulk of your luggage has to be the first consideration while packing. Check with your airlines the weight and size restrictions applying to your travel. We recommend carrying suitcases with wheels. They are easy to carry and transfer. Your itinerary will require you to switch between multiple transport systems, an easy-to-carry luggage is one less thing to worry about.
  • Passport – Keep your passport and other documentation safe and handy at all times. It’s best to include a paper copy in your luggage as well as a digital copy in your phone, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Carry your passport with you on your safari. National Parks in India will ask for a copy of your latest passport before allowing entry. 
  • Clothing – Pack loose fitted, cotton clothes for summers and spring. Synthetic fabrics are more suited to winters. Also pack jackets, coats, sweaters, hats and gloves if you are winter travelling. You will need a raincoat during monsoon and winters. It drizzles sometimes in winter mornings too. Don’t forget to include full length bottoms and sleeved tops if you are going to visit cultural and religious centres. Wearing revealing clothing at such places is considered disrespectful. You will need neutral colour clothes (green, brown, khaki) on safari. Bright colours distract wild animals. Hence, they are a big NO-NO on safari. 
  • Footwear – Pack whatever you like for your travel photo sessions. But do not forget to include comfortable shoes for long-distance walking and hiking in the nature trails. They are an absolute must. Add a pair of slippers, if possible. Hotel floors can be quite cold. 

Popular Safari Packages in India

  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen – India is a tropical country. So the Sun is always here. Carry sunglasses and sunscreen in all seasons. Yes, winters too. 
  • Medicines – Carry all your prescribed medication in sufficient dosage for the entire stretch of the tour. It may or may not be available in Indian markets. Also include some anti-allergy medicines and remedies for basic ailments such as an upset stomach, cough, flu. Band-aids for tiny cuts here and there can be useful. 
  • Ointments – Mosquitoes are as common in India as people are. There are varieties of bugs and insects in the forest. Protect your skin with insect repellents and anti-itch ointments. 
  • Photography Equipment –  Clean, repair and test all your camera gear. You will need the right lenses, protective cover and a tripod. It’s ill-advised to carry heavy equipment in your hands. You may have to stay still and wait for long hours before you spot a worthy jungle resident. Carry the right tools with you and avoid injuring yourself. 
  • Binoculars – How else will you enjoy the avifauna in the sky or anticipate the incoming of a Royal Bengal Tiger! 
  • Extra Cash – It’s best to have some cash for unplanned expenses. You might spot a beautiful souvenir to take home, or a delightful eatery you want to try. You can carry hard cash or get it loaded onto your phone as UPI Balance, for a quintessential Indian shopping experience. The UPI facility is provided by India’s MInistry of External Affairs at the airport itself.

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