Top Tiger Safari Parks in India During the Summer Season

As India is located so close to the equator, summer here might conjure images of scorching heat, but for wildlife enthusiasts, it unravels the perfect window to embark on a thrilling tiger safari. While monsoon rains might dampen some expeditions, several national parks thrive in the summer months, offering exciting opportunities to glimpse tigers like the majestic Bengal tiger. 

The advantage of visiting these parks in the summer is that water levels are depleted, and wildlife come out to waterholes (man made and natural) to drink water. This increases the chances of spotting and true nature enthusiasts make it a point to visit parks in the summer due to this reason. 

The greatest number of tiger sightings in National Parks are recorded in the summer season. If your main goal is encountering a tiger and you are prepared to take the extreme climate, you must plan your visit in the summer.

However, the disadvantage is that summers can be excruciatingly hot with warm winds, heat waves, increased chances of stroke, sun burns etc. if one is not properly prepared for the sun. 

Let us start with some general summertime safari tips for any of these parks:

Opt for early morning or evening safaris to avoid the midday heat. Remember to carry light-colored, comfortable clothing and breathable footwear. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are essential for sun protection.

Here is a guide to some of the top tiger reserves in India that beckon you for a summer safari adventure

Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park

Rugged Aravalli Hills hide Ranthambore which is home to a large number of tigers. These deciduous forests turn into paradise for photographers in the summers when they are filled with different animals.

It might be very hot, but it also means that there is better visibility for spotting tigers from mid-January to mid-April at least. You can go around the park in jeeps or on canters and keep looking out for the big striped cats that often rest among old banyan trees.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Kanha is known as ‘Tiger Paradise’ and is covered with lush greenery and earthy tones during summers. The park has grasslands with few strands of dense Sal Forest which gives ample opportunity to see tigers if one is lucky enough.

The summer season of this place offers pleasant mornings and evenings when one can roam around watching various animals coming out for water or food. Apart from tigers, another animal called barasingha (swamp deer) also lives here only which cannot be found anywhere else in India. 

Though generally open from mid-October till end June each year but still wildlife and bird photographers prefer going there during summer months (March – June) as many birds come here during migration time and chances of spotting any other wildlife increase too

Maharashtra’s Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba is jewel of Maharashtra state where every corner comes alive during its hottest period. This sanctuary has beautiful surroundings consisting mainly of lakes & water holes besides thick vegetation like bamboo groves perfect for wildlife.

One can find tigers, leopards along with sloth bears lurking in the dense forest. In addition to this, there are both jeep as well as boat safaris available for tourists at Tadoba Lake. Since lower water levels attract more tigers near such important resources your trip will be fruitful.

Madhya Pradesh’s Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is known as the place having one of the highest densities of tigers in India. The park has got hilly terrains with hillocks & valleys covered by thick green cover during summers which provides excellent background settings needed for spotting tigers.

Formerly being inhabited by white tigers also, Bandhavgarh boasts rich biodiversity including several species of flora & fauna. Usually, summer tours take place between mid-March till mid-June. However, May becomes extremely hot with temperature reaching upto 44 C; rains may start pouring down as early as mid June.

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Pench National Park has been made famous worldwide by Rudyard Kipling through his book called ‘The Jungle Book’. It is a mixture of meadows, forests and perennial streams where all kinds of animals live together peacefully.

During summer months everything turns golden yellow making it easier to spot out tigers. Besides the jeep safaris, go on a buffer zone safari which takes visitor closer to fringes areas. Wildlife moves frequently due to human habitation nearby itself therefore creating chances for better sightings overall though these months (April – June).  Temperatures range between 25-50 C but still this season records maximum number of tiger sightings round year.

Take on an unforgettable adventure this summer and witness the captivating beauty of India’s wild splendor. 

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