Positive Effects of Lockdown on Mother Nature

We continue to suffer due to the novel COVID-19 or coronavirus since its first outbreak in Wuhan, China. Since then it has managed to grow from an outbreak to epidemic to a worldwide pandemic. But it seems that nature and mother earth is gaining a lot from this lockdown and there are many positive effects of Lockdown on mother earth. Along with clear water, better visibility, and better air quality, There has been a lot of positive effects of Lockdown on mother nature that can be seen because of very few human activities allowed outside since the COVID 19 outbreak. Nature has got time to rejuvenate itself during this period. The nature has shown a positive sign in the absence of human activities worldwide and this signs can be clearly seen even by naked eyes.

Positive Effects of lockdown on Mother earth

Although the human population continues to suffer from this fatal disease, Mother Earth, on the other hand, seems to be benefiting significantly by the lockdown. With continued lockdowns around the world and reduced personal and business human activities, the Mother Earth is healing like never before. Here are some of the positive effects of lockdown on mother earth.

Air pollution worldwide has reduced significantly

A drastic reduction in industrial activities and commutation has led to a significant plummet in the air pollution levels across the globe.
  • The European Space Agency has found in its Satellite images, a reduction in nitrogen-dioxide in China and Italy. This shows a significant drop in air pollution in both these countries since last year.
  • The nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in some UK cities have dropped around 60% compared to last year according to the BBC.
  • The images procured from the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite show a 40-50% fall in air pollution during lockdown compared to last year.
  • The view of the Himalayan Range is visible by north Indians for the first time due to reduced air pollution and increased visibility.
  • Cities including Paris, Madrid, and Milan have all seen a reduction in average levels of nitrogen dioxide

Slowing down Global Warming due to reduction in people taking flights

Air travel has managed to become one of the fastest-growing contributors to climate emissions worldwide. It also makes up almost 5% of global warming. Therefore the restrictions on travel have helped in bringing back bluer and clear skies and reduce global warming.

The Venice Canals have cleared up

The water quality in Venice seems to be a lot clear than before Due to a fall in travel and tourist activities, the city if Italy is recovering rapidly. The famous canals of Venice are at the cleanest they have been in 60years. They have gone from being grey and murky to being crystal clear. Swans, fish, and seabirds have also returned back to its waters.

Cows have been reintroduced at the Giants Causeway

Irish Dexter cattle, the smallest cattle breed, have been reintroduced to the world-famous Giants Causeway. This has been done at an inlet called The Bay of Cows which is just below the visitors center.  “We’ve been hoping to get animals back onto some of the ungrazed areas around the Giant’s Causeway for years, so it’s fantastic to see it finally happen,” Cliff Henry, Area Ranger for the National Trust, said.

Wildlife around the world

There has been a change in the behavior of wildlife. The absence of humans has, in a way, erased the line between human and animal territory resulting in its beautiful yet odd coexistence. Many rare and critically endangered species of wildlife have been spotted in the different part of the world during the Lockdown
  • A herd of marauding goats took over Welsh seaside.
  • Boars have been spotted around the city in Spain, Barcelona.
  • A wild puma was spotted roaming Chile’s capital, Santiago.
  • The Orcas have been seen exploring the Vancouver fjord for the first time in decades.
  • Herds of deer have been spotted in Nara, Japan in search of food.
  • Endangered Sea Turtles are nesting along many beaches where they have been not seen for years.
  • At many places around the world endangered wildlife species have been spotted during the lockdown.
  • Endangered Gangetic Dolphins are spotted back in the Ganges for the first time in many years.
Lockdown Positive Effects
From this, it is seen that us humans are the real burden on the earth. Although everywhere you will see people saying that the world is suffering right now but in actuality only humans are. But, we often seem to forget that humans are not the only thing that makes up the earth. It is clear that the coronavirus is not all bad in its effects. The earth is replenishing and breathing in the absence of us humans due to lockdowns and restrictions. The novel COVID-19 has brought about surprising benefits to the earth and more so to mother nature.

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