Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary: The Beauty of Kabini Forest & Big Cats

Why To Go On A Kabini Wildlife Safari

There are many wonders in the world, but the most wondrous place is truly a magical place. Where you can be free in the wild, run around, and find your true calling, where you can learn about our very own Mother Nature. This place is our beloved Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. Kabini is a true heaven for Big Cats.

Kabini, a magical place that shows us our true passion for the wild is most famous for its beautiful wildlife sanctuary, its wild amazing animals and birds, the many adventures that wait upon us when we reach the forest, its flora, and fauna are a great holiday destination. Kabini is a great place to rest up our body too, with its relaxing spa which will take all your stress and burn it away, and we need not worry about our children because of Kabini with its many amazing activities. A playful place that will keep your children accompanied so you can relax. If you are a river lover don’t worry because Kabini has safe and awesome boat rides where not only will you see the beautiful scenery but also its wild animals. If you care about food, Kabini has its ways, with its delicious and healthy cuisines it’s absolutely impossible to stay away from this place. I have completely forgotten about its main intentions. Kabini always provides a safari and amazing safari where you see Mother Nature, where you experience the 6:30 morning and the 3:30 evening safaris.

I advise you to visit this place once in your life because once you do you will never want to leave, take it from me because once I stepped into the forest, It changed my life. It showed me the beautiful side of Mother Nature and the amazing wildlife.

Big Cats in Kabini

Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is a Heaven when it comes to the Big Cats. There are over 93 Tigers, around 100 Leopards, and 1 Black Panther in Kabini. If you wish to spot the maximum number of wildlife, then the best time to visit Kabini is between November and January. For nature lovers, the best time to visit Kabini is between July and October when the forest turns into a lush green.

Here in this amazing Kabini forest, we can see the most majestic animal of all, the Tiger, the stealthiest animal, the Leopard, and the rarely seen, Black Panther (the melanistic leopard). Kabini is most famous for its Tigers, but this sanctuary has Elephants, Monkeys, Sambhar, Sloth bears, Crocodiles, The Gaur (Bison), Spotted Deer (Cheetal), and 250 species of birds. From its small Mongooses to its majestic Tigers, Kabini has it all. There you have it, our beloved Kabini, and signing from this blog.

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