Maharashtra lost 7 Tigers in 48 Hours

It is saddening and infuriating to know that Nagpur Forest Officials have let 7 tigers die within 48 hours. There can not be an attitude more callous and careless than this.

Last Sunday, a Tiger died during in the chimur taluka of chandrapur district Maharashtra. The tiger identified was ‘Yeda Anna’ aka Crooked Tail a famous tiger from Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve Maharashtra found injured, who later lost his life during treatment. After the death officials have questioned the forest department about the negligence and delay in the treatment and have demanded the report.

Where as on Monday, a cub found injured near Gangasagar Heti in Nagbhid taluka who later lost his breath during treatment.

In an another case, A zoo tigress delivered 4 cubs, who later killed the cubs herself as the tigress failed to handle the cubs properly. Wildlife experts said that the death is because of the poor maternal care and this can be a case in case of a tigress in jungle as well specifically with the first time mothers. But the incident has put a question mark on the captive breading of tigers.

Also, On 24 Feb 2018 itself, a male tiger body was found floating in Pench River near Koltimara village. The officials ruled out poaching as this could be a clear case of Tiger-Crocodile fight and Tiger has paid the ultimate price.

By <a href="" target="_self">Krunal Patel</a>

By Krunal Patel

Updated: February 28, 2018

Krunal Patel is a nature and wildlife lover. With his blog post, he wanted to make people aware of how the wildlife is maintaining an ecological balance in the ecosystem and how important it is to conserve, protect and love the wildlife

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