Top Tiger Safaris in India during Monsoon Season

The Tiger is calling, but the monsoon rain makes you reluctant? Keeping certain things in mind plan the best monsoon wildlife safari that works for you! Unlike the dry-season adventure, which offers a better opportunity to catch tigers, the monsoon safari in India reveals a unique type of magic. 

Especially during the season with not just south, but all of India turns into a lush green wonderland with waterfalls trickling down rocky outcrops and the smell of fresh rain in the air. The advantage of a monsoon safari is that the jungle is in its raw, primeval glory and tiger sighting, though infrequent, does occur occasionally. I

f you are a nature enthusiast and wish to experience the tigers along with the jungle and the environment, monsoon is your era. However, the downsides include potential for cancellations due to heavy rain and reduced visibility because of dense foliage. 

So, buckle up as we navigate the exciting, yet unpredictable, world of monsoon tiger safaris in India!

Nagarhole National Park

The monsoon season of June-September is when life explodes in Karnataka’s Nagarhole National Park. Unlike most parks that close around this time, Nagarhole gives you a fresh perspective. Jeep safaris might not be abundant, but the park comes to life with colours, wildlife, and the smell of fresh soil. 

The Kabini River outbursts into a safe haven, and kingfishers, herons, and other birds make the most of it. The thick foliage might yield mysterious creatures like dholes, leopards and the tiger will make rare appearances in the open. Colors replace dust, and there is a different kind of beauty in a monsoon-jungle.

Pench National Park 

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, is a true beauty during the monsoon (July-September). Jeep/ canter safaris are paused to protect the ecosystem and visitors as the tracks are not fully visible and safe. But it is the perfect time for wildlife enthusiasts seeking an atypical experience. 

Witness the park erupt in emerald green as the Pench River churns with renewed life. The hush of the monsoon allows you to pick up the calls of rare birds like the Malabar pied hornbill. Though tiger sightings are rare, other fascinating creatures like sloth bears and barking deer emerge for the rejuvenated vegetation. 

The rainy season in Pench creates a paradise for nature lovers seeking tranquility and a glimpse into the raw beauty of the jungle reborn.

Tadoba National Park 

Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra, unravels magic during the monsoon season. The park, usually buzzing with jeep safaris, offers an isolated, alternative experience. Dense shades of green foliage carpet the land of Tadoba, making it into an ideal pitstop for birdwatchers. 

Listen for the calls of crested serpent eagles or spot colourful flycatchers flitting on trees. While tiger sightings are uncommon, the rains bring herbivores like gaur and spotted deer out in the open searching for fresh green pockets, making them easier to observe. 

Rains in Tadoba are a calling for nature/ wildlife photographers; tourists who want to experience the scenic beauty of the park awakened by the rains; and birdwatchers.

Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park in Kerala remains open during the monsoon season (June-September), offering a stunning spectacle of greenery and picturesque waterfalls. Get on a boat ride across the Periyar Lake, where the rain creates glistening reflections on the water’s surface. This provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness wildlife, like herds of elephants cooling off in the water and gaurs roaming through the dense jungle. 

The park is also home to diverse birdlife, including prey hunters like kingfishers and egrets perched on branches adorned with raindrops. Although tiger sightings is less frequent due to increased vegetation cover during the monsoon, the park’s abundance of other wildlife makes it a captivating destination for nature enthusiasts.

Prepare for the rainy elements – pack waterproof gear and leech socks. Boat safaris are the main Periyar activity, but guided night trails offer a glimpse into the nocturnal world of the park. Let the monsoon show you the hidden charm of Periyar!

Bandipur National Park

Are you ready for a drenched visual feast? Then Bandipur National Park Karnataka, is the place to visit between June-September. It is one of the rare parks that is open during this time, Bandipur offers a glimpse into its lesser-known side. Jeep safaris are less in number due to slippery tracks, but the park has magnificent glory, dancing with rain. 

Witness the dry deciduous foliage metamorphose into this vibrant tapestry of greens. Waterfalls roll down hills and replenish waterholes. This attracts a diverse range of herbivores like gaur, spotted deer, elephants and more. The monsoon brings a symphony of song to Bandipur with Malabar whistles and flycatchers flying around the park. Monsoon is not known for tiger safaris at Bandipur but an occasional glimpse may be caught along with a chance to spot more active rainy species like sloth bears and wild dogs. 

Though jeep safaris are limited, Bandipur offers nature trails guided by nature experts during the monsoon. Gear up for the rain and explore the park on foot, getting up close to the rejuvenated flora and the thriving insect life. Embrace the peace of the season and witness the raw beauty of Bandipur.

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