Birds of Kanha National Park

Birds of Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. More than 1300 varieties of bird species can be seen in this park. The park’s rich surroundings, spanning grassy fields, deep woods, wetlands, and dense vegetation, create a perfect environment for the existence of an array of birds. This article presents you with a perception of the most commonly spotted birds in Kanha National Park.

The following birds are often spotted in Kanha National Park:

Red-wattled lapwing

This bird is usually found in woodlands and towns, as long as there is an extensive ground area and a lake or river around. Even if you miss seeing one on the ground, you cannot miss the sound it makes, which can be heard from far distances too.

Indian Roller

This bird is from the roller family and is found in southern Asia. They are mostly spotted in the grassy areas as well as moderate forest parts. The unique feature of this bird is that its normal body color turns bright blue when it flies around.

Jungle Owlet

It is well known for its striking yellow eyes. It is compact in size and seen mostly in the evenings. They usually prey on smaller birds and reptiles.

Green-bee eater

Among Kanha’s birds, the Green Bee-eater is one of the more adventurous fliers, as it collects its prey, such as bugs, during the flight. It is typically spotted in tiny numbers hanging up on empty branches, stalking for food.

Common hoopoe

It is an uncommon bird in Kanha since it is mostly seen in large numbers during the winter. However, few birds are seen in the tree lines and the ground patches. The long beak is a significant feature of this bird, which is used to catch insects.

Indian Golden Oriole

With its vivid yellowish plumage, the Indian Golden Oriole is one of Kanha’s remarkable birds. Females and young birds have a little less vibrant coloration than adult males. It is one of the common birds of Kanha.

Scarlet Minivet

The Scarlet Minivet is a tiny passerine creature with a gloomy beak and broad wings. The male has a black head with a stunning scarlet tail and wing spots. The female bird is gray-colored with golden highlights.

Black-napped Flycatcher

The black-naped blue flycatcher is a tiny and fast-paced bird. Summer is the prime period for breeding in Kanha, lasting from May to July. You can witness a large number of birds during this season.

Grey francolin

The grey francolin hunts on dry and short-grazed land in bush and open land and rarely emerges above 500 m above sea level in Kanha. In most of their area, they are caught with low traps and using calling decoy birds.

Painted francolin

The painted francolin is a francolin species found in grassy parts of Kanha National Park. Its powerful calls are recognized, particularly in its breeding period. It can be heard calling from an elevated viewpoint, such as a hill or pine stump. Birds may call during sunset in the non-breeding period.

Eurasian blackbird

It is also known as the common blackbird. It prefers deciduous trees with extensive bushes and is found mostly in woodlands. The birds remain in the same area throughout the year as long as winter food is available. Migrants tend to be more social, moving in batches and grazing in huge numbers during the winter.

Verditer flycatcher

Kanha National Park is home to the Verditer Flycatcher, a seasonal jungle bird. It is referred to as ‘Puthir Chitta in Hindi because its overall shape is similar to that of a sparrow. The male is darker and grayer than the female.

The ideal time to head to Kanha National Park to observe birds is during the wintertime, as numerous birds migrate to Kanha. Also, April is good for viewing native birds because the Mahua and plenty of other native plants are in bloom at their peak.

The easiest way to experience a bird-viewing excursion is by driving through Kanha’s buffer zone with a guide to witness the majority of species. Have a binocular, a birding guidebook, and plenty of diligence if you’re hoping to admire the sights and sounds of amazing birds. However, each season has its own benefits and we can utilize the best out of any season.

We trust you found this page informative for discovering the birds of Kanha National Park. For any information related to the trip, feel free to reach out!

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