Hello the world !

I greatly recommend the service of Big Cats india ! They organize for me the perfect trip !

They solve all my problem !! Indeed I had booked the wrong date for my flight but they succeed to save my trip and reschedule everything on a Saturday ! I can’t thank them enough !

Safari was all great with the right gate at the right moment and excellent driver !

Everything was managed for me !

I saw many tiger but more importantly was the quality of the seeing ! Indeed once you see a first tiger what you really want is special interaction not just see one in a bush…. You want to see the tiger with cubs, see the tiger hunting, see the tiger fighting, see the tiger drinking ! And thanks to them in 8 days and 3 parks I was able to see all of this ! It is a question of luck of course but you need perfect condition to try the luck and this is what Big Cats India provide to me !

The experience have nothing similar to other safari I have done in Africa ! It is very intense, tiger don’t stay for long and you run the jungle when one is seen! It is a true natural environnement nothing artificial you only see the tiger if they want you to ! And atmosphere is very intense when you see one !

Hotel were great, I choose not to be in luxury hotel to be near the local population and it was simple but perfect, very clean, air conditioning all working !

Food was perfect not to spicy for a foreigner and I was absolutely not sick !

I can’t recommend it more to you ! If you want to live this adventure book with them to have a trusted person and a trouble free trip !