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Wildlife snapshot of India

Wildlife in India India is the land of National Parks and Tiger Reserves. Collectively India has 870 Protected Areas, Including National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Elephant Reserves, and other Conservation and Community Reserves. Tiger Reserves are […]

Leopard Cat India
Big Cats India

Beautiful medium sized Wild Cats of India

Along with the Prime Big Cats of India like Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, India Leopards, Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards, there are many other medium-sized wild cats that can be seen in Indian forests. […]

Leopard Cat in India
Big Cats India

Top 5 Big Cats of the Indian Jungle

The deepest desire of a human heart is to witness exhilarating beauty whilst being thrilled and awed. What better sight than to witness the mighty cats of the jungle on the hunt, prowling gracefully, leaving […]