Beautiful medium sized Wild Cats of India

Leopard Cat India
A rare Leopard Cat - Big Cats India - Img Credit@Pushkar Karn

Along with the Prime Big Cats of India like Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, India Leopards, Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards, there are many other medium-sized wild cats that can be seen in Indian forests.

These medium-sized wild cats are much smaller in size than the Prime Big Cats of India but larger than that of domestic cats. And all these beautiful wild cats are very rare to spot but they can be seen in many national parks, tiger reserves, biosphere reserves and wildlife sanctuaries of India.

List of medium-sized wild cats of India

Some of the most amazing and beautiful medium-sized wild cats of Indian forests are

  • Jungle Cat
  • Desert Cat
  • Golden Cat
  • Pallas Cat
  • Marbled Cat
  • Leopard Cat
  • Spotted Cat
  • Fishing Cat

Jungle Cat

The jungle cat is the most common medium-sized wildcat found in India. They are also called as Swamp or Reed Cat. The Jungle cat is native to Indian subcontinents and mainly found near Lake or River.

This wild cat mostly relies on small rodents, birds and reptiles.

Desert Cat

As the name suggests, Desert Cats are usually found in the dry desert area of India. Desert Cats is also known as Asiatic Wild Cats. Their diet includes Rodents, hair, small birds and insects.

They can be seen in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Golden Cat

Golden Cats are also known as Asiatic Golden Cat and can be found in the dense forest. This is one of the rare wild cats of the Indian forest. They are almost similar in size of a domestic cat.

Golden Cats are nocturnal and most active during the dark.

Pallas Cat

Pallas Cats are native to Central Asia and Europe. These wild cats have thick fur and can weigh up to 4.5kg. Pallas Cats are not very friendly and they spend most of their time in hunting the prey.

Marbled Cat

Marbled Cats are identical to Clouded Leopards but relatively smaller in size. They can be found in the tropical dense forest and rodents and small animals are its prey. They are the rarest of the wild cats that can be seen in the wild.

They are very quick and can disappear in bushes in a fraction of second.

Leopard Cat

Leopard Cat is another rare to find a wild cat. They look like Leopards but small in size. They can weight up to 7kg and is almost of the same size as domestic cats. They climb the tree quickly, Leopard Cat relies on birds, and rodents for its food and are nocturnal in nature.

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